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Some Kind of Strange

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Same as always, same as always... Jul. 27th, 2005 @ 02:27 pm
Why hello. It's been a while, hasn't it? About a month, I think. Well, I haven't been posting here because frankly I'm getting tired of my LJ, and pretty much the whole LJ site in general. There are a few good communities here I still like, namely letsbloothis and teen_titans, but frankly those are the only ones I care about anymore. TQC is good for asking pointless questions, but bring up one tiny little controversial topic and it's a free-for-all. I prefer Xanga and FFC and G4J. At least I know people there, and at least people respect my beliefs there.

Anyway, my songs are coming along just fine...they're certainly not great or wonderful, but as far as I'm concerned, they're good enough for practice, anyway. I'm thinking of asking Mom for a new keyboard this year, maybe for my birthday or Christmas. It's not that I don't love my current one, but I could do with a few more instruments and perhaps a better sounding drum or two. I've been singing my songs too, lately, and I realize that I'm not that horrible. I'm no Tarja or kaRIN, certainly, but good enough for my needs.

Anyway...I guess the purpose of this entry is just to say that I won't be around LJ that much anymore. Which is sort of a good thing, because I was neglecting my actual journal to write in this one. Ah well. I might be back later. Until then, see you :P
Current Mood: okaybye bye....

Time becomes the sediment Jun. 29th, 2005 @ 03:51 pm
Connie and I are going to go see "War of the Worlds" with some of her friends today. I hope it's good...it looks like it'll be good :D I love aliens and alien movies...not to mention sometimes the human race just needs a good smack.

I'm hungry, as usual. I've also been meaning to paint my nails for the past several days. Maybe I'll go into the living room and do that right now. And then afterwards get some nice hot clam chowder to eat. Yummy :P
Current Mood: hungryhungry

(insert clever title here) Jun. 26th, 2005 @ 01:13 pm
Lookit me! I'm in California! Yayness. The ride wasn't so bad, except the stewardesses wouldn't quite leave me alone...lol. I had to resort to pretending I was asleep to get some peace. At least I finished The Metamorphosis, which was a good book but was overall kind of sad and depressing. But moving on.

We went to the coast yesterday with George. It was lots of fun, except for the swervy, curvy road ride up the mountains there...ugh, my poor stomach ;; We should have brought a camera...there were so many great moments that went unsnapped. Like wet-as-a-washrag George rubbing his face all in the sand until it covered one side of his face...and when we were expressing our amused horror (he DID have to get back in the car with us, after all), he just laid his head down and gave us this perfect, "You guys are no fun" look XD He did make some friends there, after all. Well...acquaintances, I suppose. This cute golden retriever (I'm guessing) named Molly came over to play with us. George was afraid of her, but we did keep teasing him...saying, "Here comes your girlfriend, George :D" We were throwing a stick for him at the time, but Molly wanted to play too...she kept beating George to it and we would say, "Don't let yourself get showed up by a girl, George!" But of course, every time George got to it first, he would drop it so that Molly could just pick it up and trot away. There were a few times when Molly stole our stick altogether and we had to go chase her down to get it back. But all in all she was a sweet dog.

We went to get ice cream after dinner. Waffle cones officially suck. I don't know why I got one. I just wanted to be like everybody else, I guess...sigh. Conformity sucks :P

Today we're going bowling with two of Connie's friends. I hear we all suck, which means we're all on the same level. Which is good. The last time I went bowling I don't think my score broke 60 points. Oh well. We can all suck together :P

I should go now. I have nothing more to talk about. Da svidanya :P
Current Mood: mellowmellow

::shifty eyes:: Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 10:08 pm
(in the car coming home from the mall today...)
Me: "You know, the cool thing about leaving for California a week before the reunion is that I get to miss out on cleaning the house XD"
Mom: "You know...your father's hiring someone to clean the house for us."
Me: "...Oh. She's not going to clean my room, is she?"
Mom: "No, but you're going to have to. Aunt Kathy and Uncle Louis are going to stay in there."
Me: "Sooo...does this mean I have to get rid of the corpses?"
Mom: "Yep."
Me: "...Can I put them in your room?"
Mom: "NO."
Me: "Then what am I supposed to do with them?!"
Mom: "That's your own problem! And if you can't find any place for them, at least spray them with Lysol so they don't make your room smell like rotting."
Me: "...Fine >>"
Current Mood: amusedhehehe...
Current Music: "Electronaut" - VNV Nation

A day to remember Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 07:26 pm
Holy man...I just got back from Tower Records...I met Mark and Ronan!! I shook their hands!! They signed all four of my VNV CDs!!!! It was so awesome! The conversation basically went like this:

Ronan: "Hi there :D" (shakes my hand)
Me: (shaking all over but trying to be cool) "Hi." (I hand him my CD inserts)
Mark: "Hello ^^" (shakes my hand too)
Me: "Hi."
(I wait patiently as they both sign my inserts)
Mark: "Here you go." (hands them back to me)
Me: "Thanks."
Mark: "Take care ^^"

At that point I practically melted. Mark actually smiled at me...both of them smiled at me!! And I got to touch them!! It was just so awesome. It took me like half an hour afterwards to stop shaking.

::hugs my signed CDs:: Definitely the highlight of my week XD
Current Mood: enthralledenthralled
Current Music: "Eurydice" - The Cruxshadows
Other entries
» He's not like the rest...
I spent AALLL of last night rewriting, recording, mixing, and singing my new song about twelve times before finally getting the right take. My singing leaves a lot to be desired. But...it's finished!!! XD w00t!

...Okay, I'm going to tweak it just a little bit more, to get the sound balanced right, but for the most part, this song has been about one month and a half in the making and it finally sounds like what I wanted it to when I started. Hoo-wah!
» A painting hangs on an ivy wall...
I had quite the full day today. But if I describe it for you I might just get more tired, so maybe we'll go through it another day. But I have a little something different this time...pictures! :O! Oh Em Gee! Ali never draws! Well, she's taken it up again just for fun. And she loves you all enough to trust you with her strange "pictures"...no, they're not very good, so don't expect stuff as good as say, oh...Connie's :P XD

Image hosted by Photobucket.com This is Tansy Henderson. She's very happy to meet you.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com When asked about her personal life, Tansy becomes shy and modest...or perhaps is she just being sneaky? Anyway, Tansy's a ghost, she died around 1862...but you know...being dead doesn't really hold a girl down, she says.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com Tansy is interested. In what, you ask? Perhaps she's curious to know more about you now.

That's all from Tansy for now. Mayhaps there shall be more in the future...mayhaps not.

(please forgive sucky quality of pictures, my webcam isn't actually a digital camera...)
» ::sigh::
I don't think I can get any more tired of hearing people saying I only believe in God because I need a giant imaginary friend. Come on, people, give me some credit...I'm 16, not a five-year-old. But I guess a lot of people can't see that it's more than that because they have such a need to be right they don't bother seeing something from the other person's point of view first. I'm really not in the mood to go through a whole rant again right now, but again, it's getting old, and I no longer want to hear it. Am I asking you to agree with what I believe? No. Am I asking you to respect me as a human being? Now there's an idea.

And for the last damn time, I do not hate homosexuals. The next person to say that to me is getting a very nasty comment in response. I'm sick of it.

I may seem edgy right now, yes. But I guess that's what constant judgement and false assumptions will do to a person.
» They'll never say they feel what you feel...
I was going to write an entry upstairs, but I'm down here on my mother's computer, slacking off from the chore I'm supposed to be doing, and figured I may as well do it right now.

Well, I feel like making this a long entry, sooo...here we go. Well, on Monday I got sick, which was loads of fun, then Tuesday I felt like absolute hell. So I didn't go to school that day. If anything it made my week shorter, which was good I suppose. I presented my oral in English today, which actually went quite well, better than I expected, really. I did mine on a comparison of similar themes used by Dickinson and Poe. I made handouts for the rest of the class with two of the poems and some excerpts from the stories I was going to be talking about. When I handed it to Max, this one kid I once held a rousing discussion about chupacabras with, he said, "Is this Poe? Ah, it is XD I should have figured you would do something like this." And indeed I did. Yeeeeah...mine was the best one XD

Anyway, in band, we had a grand old time. Shoes were stolen, people were tripped, rugburns were given, and fingernails were "trimmed" (yes, it was mine. I guess I should have known better than to attempt to untie Morgan's shoelaces when I knew she would flail. It looks fine though ;).

About a month ago I went through a bad breakup with my stand buddy, Allison (she calls herself Alli just because she wants to steal my name). I can't remember why though oo But she starting sharing music with little Stephanie. Fine, I thought. I don't need her. She always hogged the sheet music anyway. Anyway, we've been going back and forth for a while now and she just won't admit that's she wrong. She's making all these stupid claims like, "We never had a relationship." So of course I just ask her how can she deny what we once had, and tell her that Stephanie can never be the stand buddy that I was to her. To get back at her, I've been trying to steal Stephanie, by reminding her that I was the one who saved her life in Florida (long story, involved a damp field and a prickly burr). Sigh...it's just a love triangle that will never end.

(note: for all the dense crayons out there who aren't the brightest in the box, this is all just one long, drawn-out inside joke :PP)

Also, I've found myself overcome by intense cravings of hunger over the little kids at the elementary school next door. (insert creepy giggle here)

Mom brought me to Tower Records yesterday. I bought Diary of Dreams, Razed in Black, and The Cruxshadows. Then I had to take five minutes to calm her down after the covers freaked her out. I loved DoD, RiB is always good, but I made a mistake with The Cruxshadows :( I apparently didn't look at the album closely enough and ended up buying a CD of remixes (sigh). I haven't opened it and I still have the receipt, so maybe I'll go back down there and return it.

Some guy flirted with me while I was looking for stuff.

Now for the good stuff. 3 things to be excited about: ready? :D

Starting from the bottom...new Foster's tonight!! w00!

Okay, so now you're thinking, "Whoa! Three things Ali's excited over and Foster's is the least of it all?! Goodness, I wonder what else there is!" Well, I'll tell you XD

Second thing...yesterday at Tower Records I picked up a little yellow flier. The little yellow flier had quite an announcement on it...on June 16th VNV Nation is going to be at Tower Records signing copies of Matter + Form!! And I get to go!! XDD Double w00t!! I get to meet Mark and Ronan, how awesome is that going to be? So awesome. Too awesome. I'm so excited and I cannot wait.

Now for the number one thing I'm excited about...cliche drumroll please....



Four months! Four long months I've waited and I can't frelling wait! Only twenty-seven more hours until I finally get to see it!! XDD First it was going to air in April. Then it was supposed to be in May. And now it's TOMORROW!!! How long has it been that I've waited? I watched the premiere of "Birthmark" eating Valentine's hearts. That's how long. And I've heard it's better than "Birthmark" was, and "Birthmark" was the best, darkest, most maturely themed episode I've ever seen the series dish out. Man, if only Teen Titans weren't a show for kids...just imagine the delicious darkness we could have. ::drools::

Anyway, I have to go make a marinade now. And get a snack...I'm hungry.

SATURDAY! WOO! XD Hehe, I feel all fangirly inside....
» They can never hold me down
Bwaha. Back again because I can and I feel like it. And I remember another way to waste time. Anyway, interesting occurrences this week so far:

Yesterday, leaving the band rehearsal...
Me: (in my awesome truck, pulling out of the parking lot. Three of my friends are walking by. I roll down the window) Look at those kids walking in the rain! XD
Corey: (seeing my truck) Woah! oo
Allison: You have your driver's license?!
Me: Mwahaha! XD (speeds off)

Today, in history...
Krista: I like your laptop, Miss Noth. It's all purple :D
Miss Noth: I know, that's why I bought it :D
Me: (leaning back to see) That's not purple.
Krista: Yeah, it's more of a blue.
Miss Noth: Kind of like a periwinkle.
Me: Periwinkle's more of a light blue [the laptop was dark blue].
Miss Noth: (muttering) Shut up.
Me: XD

Also last night, at the band rehearsal
Allison: (trying to sneak doing her Spanish homework...for shame)
Stephanie: That doesn't look like music, Ally. [or however she spells her nickname xD]
Allison: (snatches it down and tries to hide it) I don't know what you're talking about.
Me: You should eat it, Stephanie.
Stephanie: (looks at Allison's homework, then promptly grabs it and shoves it in her mouth, sucking on a corner)
Allison: (laughing in disbelief) Give it back, Stephanie! (gets the paper back but it's drenched in saliva...it was quite disgusting, really) (cracking up; shows the people behind us) Look what Stephanie did, she ate my homework! ^^;
Everyone else: XDD
Allison: (tries to wipe the spit off)
Stephanie: (reverts to her little girl voice...you seriously have to hear her do this, it's so funny) Noooo, don't wipe it off! ;; (cries)

And so then Stephanie refused to let Allison wipe away the remnants of her DNA, leaving Allison to air dry the spit from her Spanish homework for the rest of the rehearsal.

I love those crazy band kids.
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